I’m a Belgian freelance model who strongly believes that we should take a step back from our busy lives and spend more time figuring out who we are through our own eyes instead of through the opinions of others.

I'm on a personal journey to find out what it is that in today's fake society truly makes me happy. I want to get to know the real me instead of a version others make me believe I need to be. (Quite the quest, I know)

So far I found out that writing, travel and photography are a few things that spark something in me and therefore I decided to document our travel adventures on this blog. I hope they'll inspire you in whatever positive way it may be.

I also created a more personal section with a mix of scribbles of my everyday thoughts in life. Questions, reflections, doubts, statements,...anything that comes into mind. All from a personal point of view, never, in any way, ment to offend anyone.



Picture by Bernd Van de Cruys