I'm Catherine

and every so often I feel the urge to take on a new challenge.

It always starts with a restless feeling and a million questions running through my mind. That goes on for several months, up to the point when I'm fed up with myself and the right dose of 'whatever' attitude kicks in. That's when I stop overthinking and start acting.

No but really, don't we think too much and do too less?

So there I was, worrying about our anxious society, captured by the rush of life. About our superficial consumption behaviour and the negative consequences on both nature and human kind. About how to stand up to that mentality. About the many good initiatives out there, but the difficulty to find them. About how to contribute and pull my weight -if possible- using my passions: travel, photography and writing.

Well... Hello blog full of articles about sustainability, minimalism, slow fashion, happiness, ecology, and so on. Hey there very own pictures (or from the talented boyfriend) and Hi personal travel stories showing you what beauty we risk loosing by burying our heads in the sand.