I’m a Belgian freelance model who strongly believes that we should take a step back from our busy lives and spend more time enjoying our passions and chasing our dreams whether as a hobby or as a career.

Following my own fantastic advice, I decided to start this blog, allowing myself to combine quite a few of my own passions:


Ever since I was a child, I have loved writing. I used to spend hours filling out all the forms in every magazine I came across. I wrote poems, won a story writing contest at school and adored writing the family's Christmas cards, holiday postcards and greeting cards. In secondary school I had about 15 pen pals with whom I exchanged letters on a daily basis. (yes, actual paper letters, so no e-mail)! ;)


Going abroad, exploring other countries, it makes me feel alive. My love for travelling started to grow at a fairly young age, thanks to my parents who were kind enough to take me on all of their trips (like Guatemala, Myanmar, South-Africa, etc.). That's why every year Bernd (my partner) and I try to travel as much as possible, combining one longer holiday and several shorter weekend trips or daytrips (All the while dreaming of travelling permanently).


As a model, I enjoy being in front of the camera, but on holiday, I also get to be behind it and capture my own vision of what I believe is beautiful. Bernd and I grew into loving photography as we started to travel more frequently. These days we can spend hours at one single spot, trying to capture it on camera from a different angle, catch some amazing light, spot something special or we just enjoy creating memories for ourselves.

We hope our pictures will get you daydreaming, our words will inspire you and our tips and tricks will help you not to miss out on anything.  (Oh boy, are we still frustrated about us visiting Zion and not being able to see ‘The Narrows’...)


Picture by Bernd Van de Cruys