I love to pop-in at pop-ups!

The pop-up concept is very popular at the moment and the number of pop-up stores keeps increasing. I for one am very happy with that because they often have a wide range of different products, making them the perfect giftstores. (Yes, I admit, I've already started buying Christmas presents)...

So when a friend of mine recently told me she was one of the participants in a new pop-up shop, I went over to check it out.

Pop-up store N°2 is located at the town of Herentals. It might look small from the outside, but once you enter, you'll see that it stretches all the way to the back of the building.

Don't stop here! There's more in the back!

I found myself surrounded by about 14 different brands, neatly organised on shelves, tables and racks.

From the warm handknitted vests of Lie O. to the funky collection of Louise shop, the inspiring sweaters and t-shirts from CDKN_official and the eco-friendly kids clothing from Hip and Green.

And don't forget to try out the edgy clothing line By Anouk...

Bring it on... :)

How about some nice accessories to pimp your new outfits? The shop represents the jewelry line of two strong Belgian women.

The Lies Wambacq collection

If you're looking for a unique and long-lasting piece, this 100% handmade collection from Lies Wambacq will interest you.

If you're looking for the perfect (girl)friend gift, then you'll have a hard time choosing between the lovely Setareh bracelets, necklaces and rings.

My new favourite bracelet!

The best thing about the Setareh pieces is that they're not only beautiful, but also very affordable. Don't believe me? Check out the website!

Leather bags to complete the accessory range.

Of course a woman's outfit is never complete without the perfect handbag. I found myself immediately falling in love with some of the smaller pieces from the Mayenne Nelen collection. Quite a nice surprise, as I am very selective when it comes to handbags.

When I learned that every collection has a limited production of 10 pieces per colour, it made me appreciate them even more!

If fashion is not what you're looking for, Pop-up store N°2 still has a lot more to offer!
Let's take a look at their gadgets and interior stuff!

Keeping my inner child alive :)

For the little ones there's the corner of Kleine Viking offering toys and decoration stuff for the ideal children's room. Lamps, puzzles, the cutest bag for your kid's gym name it, they've got it!

I just love it when a small quote makes everyday products shine a bit brighter.

Create memories!

Talking about spreading the's a brand that oozes happiness all around. Mr Wonderful delivers everything its name promises. Mugs, greeting cards, pencils, journals, stickers, notepads and countless other gadgets that make you feel good just by looking at them.

Just a small glimpse of what Mr Wonderful has to offer!

You've probably realized by now that I have a soft spot for stationery? Imagine my excitement when I discovered even more paper creations, like the Belgian designs from Boeckie!

The humor and graphics are simple and honest. Just the way I like it!

From now on, this little hero will motivate me every day to keep trying. Thank you Boeckie! :)

Now that winter is coming, people start longing for that indoor coziness. Snuggling in the sofa with a nice cup of tea and a bowl of popcorn while you are watching a movie. Sounds great? Now picture yourself in that setting holding one of the lovely cups or bowls from Lee-Rose.

The dreamy pastel colours from Lee-Rose.

Their mainly Danish collections reflect the typical Scandinavian look. Ideal for those picture perfect family moments!

Want to make those romantic nights last as long as possible? Buy one of their scented candles. They're cute, they smell delicious and they burn for more than 30 hours!

Want to pay Pop-up store N°2 a visit? You'll find them at Nederrij 48, 2200 Herentals.

The pop-up store is spacious and bright.

Don't wait too long because the pop-up store is only there until the 30th of December.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday between 11:00h and 18:00h.

Special openings:
° Sunday the 4th and the 18th of December from 13:00h to 17:30h
° Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th of December from 11:00h to 18:00h