Maxi pleasure at Mini butik.

Finding a nice, unique and/or useful gift for someone is not easy. Having to do so right after the holidays is even harder. You just went out of your way, trying to find everyone the perfect present(s) and now you (kind of) have to start all over again.

Well for those of you who lack inspiration, let me tell you about this charming little shop where you can find tons of great gift material.
Meet Mini Butik.

Mini Butik is owned by Sigrid Van Gestel, an inspiring and warm person who decided to realise her dream of owning a shop the day she saw potential in her ... own garage!

Don't laugh! The space wasn't being used, they don't have to pay rent and, best of all, after the work is done, she just steps right into her living room. I call it brilliant!

This cosy 12m² boutique opened last november and contains something for everyone: women, children and men. Don't worry guys, she has a brother and a husband to advise her on the cool stuff. ;)

The lovely window display.

It's only been a few months since the opening, but Sigrid has already learned a lot about entrepreneurship, bestsellers, presentation, brands and most importantly about her vision for the shop:

'I want there to be a regular flow of fresh and interesting gadgets, created in an eco- and people friendly way.'

Take HINTH for example.

HINTH stands for Homemade IN THailand.
It's actually a Dutch brand but all the jewellery is made by local artisans in Thailand. Thanks to HiNTH (and you, if you decide to buy their items), these creative people receive a more honest and steady income.

And then there's the Danish brand TAK Design, formerly known as ECO Design.

So never mind the tag...(why didn't I just take it off?)

They only recently changed their name, already making my pictures seem out of date ...
so tak TAK (tak is danish for thank you).

With its soft colours, elegant prints and simple designs, this brand is the way to add a Scandinavian vibe to your interior. They have a wide range of products, from cushions and blankets to cutting boards, cups and much more.

TAK is actually one of the first brands in The Netherlands to be Fair Trade certified by the World Fair Trade Organization.

The proof: you don't need a lot of space to display a lot of things...

And let's not forget TIMI from Sweden.

These are very fine bracelets and necklaces on a 'Make a Wish' card. The goal is to make a wish when you start wearing the jewellery and then, if one day it falls off, your wish will come true. (Really popular amongst young girls apparently)

If looking at all these nice products makes you wanna get crafty yourself, you can always buy the DIY package to create a Himmeli! And to give the Himmeli the final touch, just add one of the the little air plants. They are very low maintenance and give that instant touch of nature to the room.

These airplants are epiphytes. They don't need soil and only a few drops of water a week.

Now the last brand I'm gonna highlight here is one of the 3 Christmas gifts I bought at Mini Butik.
It's called Pineut and it's a DIY liqueur bottle.

Take your pick... but choose wisely!

You have eight bottles to choose from. They each have their own original name and composition. The right proportions of the ingredients are already inside each bottle. You just add alcohol (jenever), shake the bottle, wait a few hours or days (depending on your choice, but don't worry an explanation is included) and then get to enjoy your drink.

They've chosen lovely names like: 'The wild lady' or 'Ready for a kiss'

Definitely one of the more original items I've seen in a long time.

There's plenty more at Mini Butik of course, but you'll just have to pay them a visit and explore the shelves yourself.

Take your time, because there's a lot to discover! Oh..and when I was there, they had Chokotoffs for the customers... so if you're lucky....

The store is located at the following adress :

Kerkhoflei 36
2980 Zoersel

For those of you who think Zoersel is a bit too far, don't stress. A webshop will be up and running by spring 2017.

For now, you can follow their FB page to learn all about the new opening hours, their sales corner, special actions, new brands, etc.

You're welcome.... ;)