I’m a Belgian based creative who strongly believes that we should take a step back from our busy lives and spend more time figuring out who we are through our own eyes instead of through the opinions of others.

I'm on a personal journey to find out what it is that in today's fake society truly makes me happy. I want to get to know the real me instead of who others make me believe I need to be.
(Quite the quest, I know)

So far I have found out that writing, travel and photography are a few things that spark something within me and therefore I decided to travel as much as possible, photograph along the way and document our travel adventures on this blog. If by any chance our experiences inspire you in a positive way, then I consider that a big bonus! (Sharing is caring people, so spread the happiness!) :)

I also created a more personal section with a mix of scribbles on thoughts, Questions, reflections, doubts, statements, convictions,...anything that comes to mind regarding my life and the things I find important to inlcude.

Please bare in mind that this is a personal space. Never, in any way, do I intend to offend anyone with my writing. It's meant to clear some of the noise inside my head and figure out life along the way. Feel free to join my journey...who knows, we might learn from eachother!